TPAV exists to Protect, Support, and Advance the interest of Members

Supporting police and protective services officers for over 100 years.

Advocacy and Campaigns
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We exist to protect, support and advance Victoria's police and PSOs, offering services including industrial, legal, wellbeing and WorkCover support

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    Since 1917 and through to this day, our mission has always been to protect, support & advance the professional, industrial and welfare interests of Victoria's 18,000+ police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs).

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    We are proud to maintain a near 100% membership of the 18000+ Victorian Police officers and PSOs by delivering wins in the face of political and economic adversity.

Delivering for all members

As a TPAV member you have access to a wide range of valuable benefits and services that are geared towards improving your life at work.

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    Urgent legal advice (if involved in a Critical Incident)

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    Disciplinary advice (on issues such as stand-down and underperformance)

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    Access to a Legal Representation Cost Fund (if eligible)

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    Access to free & Confidential 24-hour counselling through our partners

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    Salary & Allowance advocacy

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    Workplace Conflict Assistance

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    OH&S support

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    A range of wellbeing benefits (if eligible)

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    Advice from people with policing experience

Latest news

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The Police Association Victoria (TPAV) has proudly existed for over 100 years.

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