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To become a member, you'll need to be either a sworn Victoria Police or Protective Services Officer or a Recruit at the Academy.

At any one time, around 98% of sworn Victorian police officers are members of TPAV. They're members because we offer a range and quality of services, insurances and representation that can't be found elsewhere. These services include:

  • Free legal advice
  • Grievance advice
  • Access to a Legal Representation Cost Fund (if eligible)
  • 24-hour professional advocacy
  • Salary & Allowance advocacy
  • OH&S support
  • Workplace Conflict Assistance
  • Professional Workplace Training
  • A range of wellbeing benefits (if eligible)
  • Access to free & confidential 24-hour counselling through our partners
  • Additional benefits of being a member include representation by a team of staff dedicated to creating positive political and social outcomes for our members.

You will also have access to discounted holiday homes, member exclusive deals and a range of communications/materials covering the issues that matter to Victorian police officers and PSOs.

Our members can also take comfort in knowing that we are specifically governed and run by serving police members.

In addition, your fortnightly membership subscriptions are fully tax-deductible.

To enquire as to whether you can join, contact us at