Our Structure

TPAV is broadly made up by a Board, the Administration and the Membership.

TPAV is governed by an elected Board that provides strategic policy direction for its administration staff, led by the Secretary, to actively manage and implement for the benefit of its membership.

Our Board, led by the President, is comprised of 12 serving members who are directly elected by the TPAV membership.

The day-to-day administration and running of TPAV is managed by its Secretary (CEO) who is supported by an Assistant Secretary, a leadership team and staff who provide the best possible day to day advice, service and benefits to TPAV members.

The Board is 'Chaired’ by the President, while The Secretary is the Chief Administrative Official of the Police Association (and the Chief Executive of the Police Federation, Victoria Branch)

TPAV has a network of 59 Workplace Delegates (representing geographical areas across the state and key Victoria Police Departments) who serve as a vital conduit between its members and its Board and Administration. All Delegates are current serving members and are directly elected by the membership to serve in their TPAV role.

TPAV's membership is comprised of approximately 18,000 sworn police officers and PSOs across Victoria Police, representing 98 percent of the entire sworn staff of Victoria Police.

Meet The Board

TPAV's Board (Board of Directors) is directly elected by its members to govern and provide strategic policy direction for the day-to day management and implementation of its Administration. The current Board President is Karl David.

Latest news

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