Are you having issues viewing or hearing our livestreams?

There are many factors that go into making a livestream happen and the systems can be delicate depending on how they're viewed. 

Below you'll find a troubleshoot for any problems that you may encounter. 

If you experience any issues that are not listed here, please contact us

Livestream troubleshoots

We strongly advise members to not watch these videos on VicPol computers. 

Unfortunately the software that runs VicPol computers creates an inconsistent envinroment for us to ensure that the videos will work on Internet Explorer or Mozilla. 

If you are unable to watch the video on your work computer, please use a personal device by either navigating to the video destination or emailing yourself the link. 

Audio can be problematic, particularly on smart phones. 

Please ensure that:

  • Silent mode is turned off
  • Your ringtone volume is on full
  • Your audio player volume is on full
  • The video audio player is on full (you must be watching the video in order to address this issue - the easiest way to know if you're in the correct screen is to ensure that the video fully takes up your devices display).

The most likely cause of audio issues is due to the video player itself being at a lower volume as it can be seperate to the device's own audio output settings. 

Please also try listening with speakers and or headphones. 

We try our best to get the videos starting at time specified in the communications, but there may be a delay of a minute or two in case we're battling any serious technical issues.

A comment will be left in the box from a TPAV representative confirming if there is a delay. 

If no comment is present, please refresh the page browser as it's possible that the video may have timed out. This would be generally caused by an internet connection issue.

Refreshing and starting the video should fix the player issue.