COT Voting

Have your say and vote for your preferred COT option for our upcoming EBA claim

As a member currently in receipt of a Commuted Overtime (COT) payment, we invite you to indicate to us your preference for what you consider to be the best way forward when it comes to how members should deal with this payment in the future.

There has been much discussion from members about the best option to put forward in our 2019 EB Log of Claims and we undertook to consult with your peers and then put this matter to a vote to provide us with member opinion on this issue. 

As you would be aware, a COT reference group, comprising members from a cross-section of units, has met with TPAV representatives on several occasions in the past month to discuss potential solutions. 

From those deliberations, three possible options have been developed and agreed upon by the reference group, to put to you. 

Through your vote – you will ultimately determine the most preferred option and decide which one of these options will form part of our EBA log of claims for 2019 (The whole log, with all claims, will still need to be subject to broader member endorsement).

Below you will find a graphic which sets out to explain each of the three options determined by your colleagues from the COT reference group and how these options differ from one another.

Click to view or print

You also find a link – below - to an online voting platform to enable you to cast your vote on your most preferred to your least preferred option.

Voting is open only to members, who, like yourself, are currently in receipt of the COT.

Please call TPAV during business hours should you have any questions or queries on (03) 9468 2600.

Vote here

If you are having difficulty casting your vote, please contact our Research team during business hours on (03) 9468 2600 or by email, [email protected]


Wayne Gatt
TPAV Secretary

15 March 2019

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