Police still ‘don’t have the guidelines’ on enforcement of new eased Chief Health Officer’s rules

Broadcast on 3AW on 21 October 2021

With COVID-19 restrictions set to ease at 11.59pm tonight, police are still waiting for state government direction on what they’re expected to enforce under the new eased rules.

Police Association secretary Wayne Gatt says he thinks enforcement tonight will “be left to commonsense” for police members.

“We seem to get them (enforcement guidelines) at the last minute,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I think it’s a product that the CHO directions haven’t properly been released yet … I will say they do run to an adjusting model.”

NEIL MITCHELL: “Do police have the authority to ask to see vaccination status?”

WAYNE GATT: “Don’t know Neil. These are the things that are made or broken on the fine letter of the law, on the CHO directions.”

Mr Gatt says he expects businesses will want advice from police on the guidelines, but police aren’t currently in the position to be able to provide that assistance.

“I think businesses will be looking for a wee bit of support from the police,” he said.

“Sadly it makes for a couple of uncertain days.”