PSOs set to patrol sporting events and mass gatherings under extension of powers

Broadcast and published by 3AW on July 1, 2019

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The powers of Protective Services Officers are set to be extended to allow them to patrol sporting grounds and major events.

The state government announced the change in a plan released yesterday.

Sergeant Wayne Gatt, Secretary of the Police Association, said the change will not undermine the role of sworn police officers.

“I don’t think it’s being suggested that police be removed from places of mass gathering, but I think the value that comes from being able to have a more flexible workforce is being recognised,” he told 3AW Nick McCallum.

Sgt Gatt said PSOs have had a marked impact on public transport safety.

“We’ve seen the community’s perceptions of their safety, and their actual safety, significantly increase on the network as a result of PSO’s being there,” he said.

“Our own PSOs are telling us that they have more to offer, and we listen to them.”