‘Wake up!’: Police survey adds to concern over Richmond injecting rooms

Broadcast by 3AW on May 22, 2019



Police working in the Richmond area say there’s been an increase in crime around the safe injecting rooms.

The Police Association surveyed members to find out what was actually happening on the ground.

Union boss Wayne Gatt told Neil Mitchell the message from his members is clear.

“In terms of crime, they’re saying it’s increasing,” Mr Gatt said.

“In terms of anti-social behaviour, they’re saying it’s increasing.

“This isn’t our opinion, it’s very much their lived experience.”

Mr Gatt said property offences and thefts from shops were driving the increase.

The survey results mirror the feedback from many locals, who are angry that the safe injecting rooms have brought unsavory behaviour to their homes and businesses.

Neil Mitchell said the Police Association survey showed that action needs to be taken.