Ice-addict burglar jailed for bashing policewoman on appeal

AN ICE-addicted burglar who escaped jail despite brutally bashing a policewoman has been put behind bars on appeal.

Victoria’s police union and the senior constable attacked have applauded the decision.

The thugs initial sentence of just 200 hours’ community work — revealed in the Herald Sun — had sparked outrage.

It was given despite tough new laws promising jail for thugs who attack emergency service workers.

Police Association Victoria secretary Wayne Gatt, whose organisation pushed for the appeal, told the Herald Sun: “An important precedent has been set here.”

“This sentence better reflects what the community expects when it comes to attacks on police officers and PSOs in the course of their duties, and the court, to its credit, has recognised this,’’ Mr Gatt said.

“This case served as a graphic example of the violence our members are often subjected to and the generous concessions often handed to their attackers.”

Mr Gatt said: “The member who was assaulted is heartened to know that her attacker will spend a length of time in jail for the pain and hurt he caused her.”

“It won’t ease her suffering, but it may prevent one of her colleagues from experiencing it in the future,’’ Mr Gatt said.



This story is an exert from the Herald Sun by Wes Hosking on Wednesday 20 March 2018

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