2018 news coverage

Herald Sun, 12 December 2018
Survey of Victoria Police members reveals many have alcohol and mental health problems

ABC News, 2 December 2018
Widow who lost policeman husband to suicide to receive compensation payout

The Age, 24 November 2018
'Appalling' emergency services data breach to be investigated

ABC News, 15 November 2018
Police need better plan to stop next Gargasoulas, warns union after Bourke Street rampage

Herald Sun, 10 November 2018
Rookie police officer who shot Bourke St terrorist praised for bravery

Herald Sun, 29 October 2018
Opposition plans to deploy protective service officers for hospital security

Herald Sun, 21 October 2018
Top cop Graham Ashton and Victoria Police union boss Wayne Gatt’s walk hits $500,000 mark

3AW, 18 October 2018
Police union boss backs car immobiliser plan

Wangaratta Chronicle, 17 October 2018
A 1000km trek for men and women in blue

Herald Sun, 30 September 2018
Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton and police union boss Wayne Gatt to walk 1000km

Herald Sun, 14 September 2018
Police recruits do academy walk to raise funds to help former officers

Herald Sun, 12 September 2018
Political leaders vow to boost law and order in Melbourne

The Age, 10 September 2018
Police in dog fight over mental health

Herald Sun, 9 September 2018
Victoria has less frontline police despite law and order crisis

The Age, 4 September 2018
Police vow to take back the streets

Herald Sun, 1 September 2018
Protective Service Officers will patrol Melbourne city and suburban train services from September 2, 2018

3AW, 22 August 2018
Plans to put PSOs on trains reportedly blocked by union

Herald Sun, 10 August 2018
Wayne Gatt: We need police to protect people, not statistics
Herald Sun editorial link

Herald Sun 25 July, 2018
Victorian police cells nearly full, cops may be forced to bail criminals to ease load
TPAV's take

Herald Sun, 18 July 2018
Teenage Highpoint cop kicker should be jailed, court hears

Herald Sun, 17 July 2018
Keith Moor: Police officers need help to deal with PTSD

Herald Sun 15 July, 2018
Top cop Graham Ashton and police union boss Wayne Gatt walking 1000km for former members’ mental health

Herald Sun, July 11 2018
Off-duty police officer saves disabled Somerville man from house fire

Herald Sun, July 6 2018
Country cops need better training, police union says
Our country members need more training

Geelong Advertiser June 22 2018
Mental stress, illness forcing Geelong police off the street for average of 12 days every year

The Australian 21 June 2018
Loophole opens way for Russell St bomber’s freedom

Herald Sun 19 June 2018
Tough new penalties for shooting at police, threatening their families

Herald Sun 13 June 2018
Ice crime surges in Victoria, bombshell report reveals

Herald Sun 31 May 2018
Police blame culture of quotas for fake breath tests

The Age 25 May 2018
No jail for woman high on ice who bit police officer

The Age 21 May 2018
Premier says ambo attackers will get same treatment as rapists, murderers

9News 7 May 2018
Two more paramedics bashed overnight in Caroline Springs

The Age 30 April 2018
Court pressure to ease with 18 new magistrates as part of $129 million budget boost

3AW 11 April 2018
Police force split over ice backflip at injecting room

Herald Sun 6, April 2018
Victoria Police homicide squad short on cops

Herald Sun, 3 April 2018
Police diverted from community patrols to fight violence in youth prisons

Herald Sun, 20 March 2018
Ice-addicted burglar Ahmed El Lababidi jailed for bashing policewoman on appeal

The Age, 5 March 2018
More cops for outer suburbs as Andrews acts on the thin blue line

The Age, 1 March 2018
Cops in shops: Opposition plans to have police patrol shopping centres

The Australian, 23 February 2018
Cop kicker sentence to be appealed

Herald Sun, 8 February 2018
Highpoint shopping centre police attacker sentence could be appealed

Herald Sun, 6 February 2018
Teen thug who attacked police officer at Highpoint shopping centre walks free

Herald Sun, 23 January 2018
Thug claims attack that left policewoman bloodied was 'self-defence'

Herald Sun, 22 January 2018
PSO recounts horror of being brutally bashed at Carrum railway station

Herald Sun, 22 January 2018
Cocaine drivers avoiding being caught in Victoria Police swab tests

Star Weekly, 16 January 2018
Wyndham police numbers decline

Herald Sun 12, January 2018
Police union demands action on Melbourne CBD pursuit policy

Herald Sun 11, January 2018
Thug gets five months' jail for assault on police

Herald Sun, 10 January 2018
Gang violence in Melbourne: emerging gang taunts police of social media

Yahoo7News, 4 January 2018
Melbourne teen charged with kicking cop and given bail now back in custody

Herald Sun, 4 January 2018
Wayne Gatt: Solid policing plan will always beat a trendy fix


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