Gearing up to further improve your pay and conditions

Secretary Wayne Gatt speaks with members from Melbourne's Prosecutions office

In early preparation for the 2019 Enterprise Bargaining (EB) round, the Association will be visiting members in more than 100 workplaces

across the state during May and June to further discuss our planning and progress with members.

A separate series of PSO visits will also take place at more than 20 key locations in June and July.

We will also be conducting a survey of members to gauge opinions and views following our first round of member consultation visits held last year, and the many focus groups that have been conducted with members to date on key issues.

We want our next EBA log of claims to accurately reflect your views and for the outcomes of negotiations to meet the challenges you confront at work every day.

To ensure this happens, we encourage all members to complete the survey once it is released and to make every effort to attend a forthcoming workplace meeting so that you can tell us how we can best represent you in this process

A few days before each scheduled meeting, members will receive an SMS to remind them of the workplace meeting taking place at their local workplace.

Look out for a full schedule of workplace visits on all our digital platforms once it’s released.