Paid Parental Leave (PPL)

TPA NOW Leadership Group influences change

We’re proud to share improvements to paid parental leave (PPL) following TPA NOW Leadership Group’s advocacy.

Members may remember back in February when we asked for your thoughts on the Paid Parental Leave Amendment (Flexibility Measures) Bill 2020.

The bill has now passed into law and your input through our submission helped secure improvements which will benefit police and PSOs.

Previously, the 18 weeks of the Federal Government’s PPL could only be taken in one continuous period within the first year of the baby’s birth or adoption.

While PPL remains at 18 weeks, from 1 July 2020 employees have some flexibility on how to use that entitlement.

The changes are:

  • Eligible employees will be given 12 weeks in one continuous block during the first year.
  • Six weeks (or 30 days) of the PPL can be used flexibly (anytime) – as single days or in smaller blocks after the 12 week entitlement, including after returning to work.
  • A primary carer can give a secondary claimant (usually a partner) permission to use some or all of the flexible PPL entitlement (i.e. the flexible days can be shared).
  • The flexible PPL entitlement can be taken any time during the first two years.

While members can still take the PPL in one 18-week block, the new option to use 30 days flexibly over two years may complement the soft return to work from parental leave secured for members through EBA19.

It also gives parents more flexibility to share parenting responsibilities and to support partners and fathers to spend more time with their child during their early years.

Thank you to our TPA NOW Leadership Group for your input on securing these important changes.

For advice on parental leave, please contact our Member Support Centre on 03 9468 2600 or [email protected]