April 2020 Journal

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Secretary’s Report 
In this month’s Journal, Secretary Wayne Gatt talks of the importance of member advocacy in confronting one of the largest and longest emergencies in Victoria Police’s history, and the critical role our members are playing to combat COVID-19.
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Introducing BlueHub
A revolutionary new system to treat police with mental health conditions is being rolled out in Victoria. We take you through the new network, which will ensure police receive early diagnosis, accessibility to experts in police-specific mental health conditions, and the best possible treatment for their condition.
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Your Health & Safety Reps 
Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) are vital in ensuring your personal health and wellbeing is prioritised and upheld. During the COVID-19 crisis, the role of HSRs has been elevated and what they’ve helped to achieve can’t be undervalued.
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International Police Association
Police around the world share an unspoken bond, but many enjoy a more tangible and interactive connection through the International Police Association. Membership though, offers a range of benefits around the world that you may never have known existed.
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