Looking ahead: TPAV priority for 2019

New year, new challenges ahead for TPAV.

The Journal takes a look at what’s ahead for each department


Chris Kennedy – Industrial Relations

With the current Enterprise Bargaining Agreement due to expire on November 30, the key priority for the Industrial Relations team is to negotiate a new agreement.

Most of 2018 was devoted to preparation for the looming negotiations, with a round of state-wide meetings helping in the preliminary preparation of a log of claims.

The IR team was also very active in advocating for positive policing reforms that were committed to by the re-elected Andrews Government in the lead-up to last November’s election.

They include commitments to provisional acceptance of mental health WorkCover claims, to legislate to improve superannuation and to develop minimum service delivery standards.

2018 was also marked by several important cases run in the Fair Work Commission in relation to access to 10 shifts for members in receipt of Commuted Overtime, unilateral changes to rosters, failure to pay entitlements, VHREOC matters and advocacy regarding COT back pay claims.

I would urge all members to get involved in the 2019 EB process to help shape their professional future.


Mary McNicoll – Corporate Services Manager

They key focus ahead for TPAV Corporate Services is ensuring that funds are spent for the benefit of members, while at the same time ensuring the financial viability of The Association itself, which will be a balancing act in light of the uncertainty surrounding the coming Royal Commission.

2018 saw a range of achievements including a complete IT systems upgrade, upgrades to a number of holiday homes and the introduction of a new membership and case management system.

Members are reminded that it is important to let the membership team know if your contact details change and we would encourage anyone who uses the TPAV holiday homes to provide feedback on their experience.


Chris Gorissen – Legal Manager

The provision of legal representation and support for our members during the Royal Commission into Informer Management and the IBAC inquiry regarding the Silk Miller investigation is a major focus for 2019.  The importance of ensuring that the rights and interests of those members subpoenaed to either inquiry cannot be understated.

In 2018, we played an important role in the shaping of newly introduced ramming legislation, we were also involved in the Protecting Police Working Group that shaped proposed legislative amendments currently subject of the Justice Legislation (Police and Other Matters) Bill 2018.

We made submissions and gave oral evidence to the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission Committee Inquiry into the external oversight of police corruption and misconduct in Victoria and to the Expert Panel on Terrorism and Violent Extremism Prevention and Response Powers.

We also recruited an additional discipline advocate to meet growing demand for member services in the legal/discipline field.

As we look to the year ahead, we would like to remind members that it is imperative that members involved in a critical incident contact the Association as a matter of priority to ensure their legal rights and interests are protected and preserved through the provision of timely legal advice.  


Tim Peck – Wellbeing Services Manager

The implementation of the provisional acceptance model of WorkCover, providing access to mental health treatment that provides evidence-based treatments to the membership, will be a major focus for us in 2019.

Continued work to reduce the stigma around mental health and increase access to appropriate mental health services for members will remain an ongoing priority for us.

A further focus on building a strong working relationship with Victoria Police will aid in achieving these aims.

We will look to build upon much of what was achieved in 2018, which included facilitating Dr Kevin Gilmartin’s presentations, development of a Delegates training package in partnership with Beyondblue and improving stakeholder engagement with Victoria Police.

We would encourage all members to give thought to developing a plan on who to call should they, a family member or a colleague, be experiencing a mental health condition.


Sandro Lofaro – Communications Manager

With a successful EBA outcome being a key priority for TPAV in 2019, our communications team will devote significant effort and resources towards achieving the best possible outcome for our members via internal and external communications throughout the process.

Our Research and Advocacy unit, which is part of the communications team, has done a lot of work to identify what our members would like to see included in our log of claims for the next EBA.

We will work closely with our IR colleagues to ensure that our members are as engaged as possible with our upcoming campaign via our wide range of internal communications platforms.

Our communications platforms will be enhanced via an upgrade to our TPAV members’ app, along with improvements to the way we connect with members via closed social media platforms and by targeting our communications to specific member groups/cohorts.

We will look to build upon the successes achieved in 2018, which included traditional and social media campaigns which led to a series of positive pre-election commitments from the Andrews Government ahead of the 2018 Victorian election and improved safety outcomes for members via new ramming laws and tougher sentences for those who assault and injure our members.