February 2019 Journal

In light of the recent ‘right versus left’ protest at St Kilda beach, the latest in a series of similar demonstrations, TPAV secretary Wayne Gatt raises in this edition of The Journal a proposal to better regulate these events to increase the safety of members and the wider public by placing some of the responsibility back onto the protest organisers.

With the health and safety of members regularly placed in jeopardy at these events in the name of protecting two groups which often resort to violent and disruptive practices to get their respective points across, there exists a greater need for accountability, much in the same way as the current NSW model which is discussed inside.

This month will be one of reflection and sadness for many police who were involved in the response, aftermath or investigation into the Black Saturday bushfires, which devastated Victoria ten years ago on February 7, 2009. 

Milestone anniversaries like this one can bring with them a higher risk of triggering mental health conditions caused by the tragic event.

We speak to TPAV Wellbeing Services Manager Tim Peck about some of the ways that those who were impacted, their colleagues, friends and family can find and provide support and assistance.

Also in this edition, we pay tribute to a revolutionary figure in the history of Victoria Police, Bryan Kelly. He was a man who looked after his fellow officers’ interests outside of the job, as much he and they looked after the community in it.

Bryan was a man way ahead of his time, starting the first ever Police Credit Union (BankVic today) and Victoria Police Legacy, leaving an incredible legacy of his own.

And, with the new year now upon us, TPAV’s department managers outline their priorities and challenges for 2019 and what members can expect in the year ahead.

We also update you on the results of TPAV’s recent uniform survey and Victoria Police’s official response to the concerns you raised.

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