June 2018 Journal

In this month’s Journal we take you inside the latest developments on looming changes to the way courts sentence those who assault police and other emergency services workers: an issue that affects all of us. 

The impending closure of loopholes that have allowed several offenders to avoid mandatory six-month jail terms for cowardly attacks on police and paramedics follows a public year-long campaign by The Association to highlight gaps in the legislation and inadequate sentencing for these types of offences. 

It wasn’t the only political win The Association has achieved in recent months. 

In May, the government released its 2018/2019 state budget, which featured the allocation of more than $400 million to fund several initiatives advocated by TPAV in the Your Safety; Our Priority pre-election policing roadmap, released late last year. 

Inside, we break down what they are and where the money will go. 

Speaking of money, in preparation for the end of the financial year, The Journal has compiled an ATO-approved guide outlining what police can and cannot claim as part of their annual tax return. 

We also take a big step back into yesteryear and explore the misguided legacy of Australia’s most famous bushranger, Ned Kelly. 

Local filmmaker Ben Head tells us of his new project, which aims to right the wrongs that have prospered under the romantic cult of Kelly, who has long been hailed as a social revolutionary, rather than despised as the triple police killer and common criminal he was. 

Finally, we bring you all the colour and action from the 30th annual Angela Taylor Memorial walk/run, held at Albert Park Lake to honour the memory of the 21-year-old Constable, who died from injuries sustained in the 1986 Russell Street bombing. 

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