President's message

President John Laird

Welcoming a national mental health initiative

I’m pleased to report that The Police Federation of Australia (PFA), the national police union body representing more than 60,000 police, has secured $1 million from the federal government to fund an awareness campaign that targets the mental wellbeing of our members nationwide.

This important initiative is being supported by all police unions and associations across the country, including your Police Association.

The funding will be provided to the PFA over two years, with work on the campaign to commence over the coming months.

Importantly, the $1 million will be made available via the Proceeds of Crime Act, meaning the work our members do in seizing and stripping criminals of their ill-gotten wealth, will be redirected into a campaign to help them cope better with the psychological rigours of the job.

The aim of the campaign is to target the social and emotional wellbeing of members and promote awareness, understanding, prevention and early intervention for a range of mental health injuries, including PTSD.

This will be done through print, television, social media, apps, workshops and a documentary-style video.

It will ensure that the avenues of support available to police are well known, so no member ever feels they are ghting their personal battles alone.

By educating members on the importance of early detection and destigmatising mental illness, there is hope that there will be less of an impact on members, their families and the workplace.

In due course The Police Association Victoria will play its role in rolling out elements of this campaign to all members.