December Journal

Terror returns to Melbourne

There’s little doubt you will have by now seen the graphic footage of last month’s Bourke Street terrorist attack and the actions of the two officers who ended it, sparing more bloodshed.

But what our members know and have experienced of these high pressure, life and death situations, is not common to the general public.

On this occasion, phone cameras captured the incident unfold and allowed the public a virtual front row seat to the brutal, confronting reality of policing. And it resonated.

In this edition of The Journal we have collected a wide range of social media reactions by the general public, politicians and dignitaries. At a time when police are so often judged harshly for their actions in high pressure situations, this event provided a refreshingly positive outpouring of gratitude and respect.

When events like this emerge, it’s not surprising to hear how many police officers and first responders suffer mental health injury. A study by Beyond Blue, released last month, revealed the magnitude of the problem faced by emergency services workers including police.

As the importance of the mental health of members gains the prominence it deserves, TPAV’s Wellbeing Services is growing and evolving accordingly. Inside, we introduce you to our two new Wellbeing officers and highlight what they bring to the role.

In this edition we also profile a group of members who are not team players … by circumstance and geography; officers from one-member stations.

Many OMS officers from western Victoria gathered together to attend a forum in Bendigo to discuss and debate issues common to their unique working environments.

We also assess how the re-election of the Labor state government will impact on our members and remind you of the promises that were made and will be introduced over the next four years.

Finally, we pay tribute to our 2017-2018 retirees who were recently honoured at our annual Retired and Life Members dinner. This edition features an extensive photo gallery of one of the very special days on TPAV’s social calendar.

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Editors: Sandro Lofaro and Brendan Roberts

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