April 2018 Journal

In this edition of The Journal we shine a light on the often-forgotten toll of road policing, the health of the dedicated officers called on to attend and investigate fatal crashes.

Peter Bellion attended more than 2000 fatal crashes during his career with the Major Collision Investigation Unit. Eventually, the trauma he witnessed and unconsciously internalised burst to the surface. It ended his career and changed his life.

In retirement, he has learned how to better read the signs of chronic PTSD and manage the condition. His is a story that all police should read and heed.

This year marks the 30th since Victoria introduced the Protective Services Unit and the first squad of PSOs, in the wake of the Russell Street bombing.

We speak to two members who have been there since the beginning. They take us through the evolution of the unit and their own experiences guarding some of Melbourne’s most important buildings and the characters within.

Finally, we profile four school-age children from Victorian policing families who have been awarded scholarships courtesy of The Police Association.

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