Legal & Discipline

As a TPAV member, you have access to expert representation and advocacy services provided by our Legal & Discipline Section.

We advise that you contact our Member Support Centre in the first instance if you’ve been advised that a complaint or charge has been laid against you by the Victoria Police Force’s Professional Standards Command or the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission. 

The Legal & Discipline Section is managed and staffed by a team of current serving and former police members who are experienced in administrative law and dealing with the Force’s internal discipline system. 

As well as providing individual representation to members, the Legal & Discipline Section also lobbies and negotiates with, the Victoria Police Force and Government on relevant issues affecting members collectively, including: 

  • Representation on Joint Working Party with the Victoria Police Force on the review of the discipline system; 
  • Negotiation on Force policy in matters relating to discipline processes and 
  • Representation on the Discipline Review Users Group with the Police Registration and Services Board and Victoria Police


Please contact our Member Support Centre on (03) 9468 2600 or via email  

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