Parental Leave

Is your family getting bigger? TPAV is here to help.

Congratulations on your impending new arrival!

We really hope that this exciting time is one that you enjoy.  

As you prepare for parental leave and start to consider your future options, you will probably have many questions regarding your rights, entitlements and the way that you plan to eventually return to work.

Becoming a parent, especially when you work as a Police officer or PSOs has unique challenges, and this electronic resource pack provides you with information to help guide you through the journey ahead as you try to navigate and combine work with new-found parental responsibilities.  

The information presented here is comprehensive and is a good guide for expectant parents who want to learn more about how to balance policing with this exciting personal time in your life. 

We also want to remind you that the support of our experienced team at TPAV is only a phone call away during this time should you need it.    

Please – stay in touch with us and give us a call if you have any concerns or need support in any way.  

New TPA NOW brochure series to help you navigate the challenging world of parenting in policing

Taking parental leave? Returning to work after parental leave? Trying to balance your career with raising children? We’ve got you covered!

With many improvements to parental leave in your EBA19 and through new legislation, it’s time to refresh the TPA NOW Parenting in Policing brochures.

Our new series contains the latest information to ensure you understand your rights and entitlements.

We cover everything from pre-natal leave to negotiating flexible work arrangements.

Click here for more

Superannuation and working parents

What would happen to your loved ones if you couldn't work?

Find out how your ESSS Defined Benefit super scheme could look after your family.

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If you need help accessing or applying for parental leave or flexibility arrangements you should speak with our industrial relations team.

Paternal Leave and your TPAV Membership 

We know that you will have a lot to consider in relation to your work and family responsibilities during a period of paternal leave and you might need to talk through some of those issues with us.  You might also need our help or support, with professional or personal issues during this important time of your life.  

We also understand that while on parental leave, it may become difficult for you to continue to pay our full membership subscriptions.  

That is why you have the option to defer your TPAV membership subscriptions after the fourteenth week of parental leave until your parental leave concludes.  

Legal Cost Representation 

While your membership is deferred, you will still be covered by the Legal Representation Cost Fund for any matters that occurred before you deferred your subscription.  

New matters that arise during your parental leave will not be covered and your full coverage will resume once you return to work and recommence membership subscriptions.  

Wellbeing Benefits  

A period of parental leave is one of those important times in your life that it pays to make sure that the welfare benefits you have become accustomed to as part of your TPAV membership continue.  

While we are hopeful that you won’t need to call on us, we want to be sure that we can help you if do during this time.  

For only three dollars a fortnight you will be able to maintain full access to our range of Member Benefits.

Download Parental Leave

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