Retaining our Protective Service Officers (PSOs)

Our Transit PSOs perform a vital role ensuring community safety on the public transport network.

Since their inception in 2012, our 1200-plus Transit PSO members working on railway station platforms still do not have a dedicated career path, unlike their 140 PSO counterparts who provide security in public buildings such as the Shrine, Parliament, Courts etc.

There has been considerable investment in the recruitment and training of PSOs in the past six years. It is therefore essential that an environment is created that maximises their retention.

The best way of achieving this and to minimise PSO attrition rates is to ensure that a defined career path for our Transit PSOs is developed and implemented as soon as possible.

A defined career path would provide opportunities for Transit PSOs to advance through a rank structure ensuring recognition of their increased experience and contribution to an increase in the perception of community safety.


  • The introduction of a defined rank and career structure for Transit PSOs.
  • Re-introduction of Certificate IV in Protective Services qualification to provide a formal qualification for Protective Services Officers.
  • Increased access to the Constable Qualifying Program to enable a career structure beyond the PSO framework and create recruiting efficiencies and flexibility for Victoria Police more broadly.