Operational resources

Operational equipment is fundamental to the ability of our members to keep the community safe while remaining safe themselves.

Such equipment must provide a range of options for members so they can appropriately deal with threats to the community and themselves.

The community expects police to resolve conflict and minimise harm to all people involved in an incident – this includes the very people that confront or threaten police and others. This is why appropriate and effective lethal and non-lethal options must be accessible to all frontline police.

Currently, some police have limited operational safety options at their disposal due to limited availability and changes in the manufacture of the composition of Oleoresin Capsicum spray (OC spray) that until recently has been an effective non-lethal option used by most officers. Changes in the manufacture of these products now necessitates that further investment in alternate options like Conducted Energy Devices (CED), is made.

In this regard, TPAV advocates the following improvements to police operational equipment:

  • A CED should be made available to every uniform police response unit in the state.
  • All frontline members must have ready access to safe, but effective, OC spray variants at all times.
  • Long-arm rearms must be made available to police across Victoria to assist with armed o ender (active shooter) situations.