Keeping Victoria Safe in the Future

Victoria faces a major challenge in coming years in responding to increasing population and increasing crime rates. Victorian police must be supported and resourced to do their jobs effectively.

TPAV understands the needs and concerns of Victoria’s police force.

We lead the discussion of policy and operational changes from a uniquely informed position.

We know what our members need and we also regularly test and benchmark public opinion.

The job of our police officers and PSOs has, and will continue to become, more complex, as offending behaviour increases and changes.

Our members must be well-equipped to deliver the professional policing services that communities expect. The visible presence of police in communities makes people feel safe.

In recent years heavy workloads and staffing shortages have put pressure on our members, while crime has increased.

New police numbers will go some way to addressing these problems, but only if new police are deployed where they are needed most.

This document is intended to both provide a roadmap and start a conversation.

Community safety transcends party politics. Victorian police must be resourced to keep Victorians safe and meet the needs of our growing communities.