Your Safety: Our Priority

TPAV's policing priorities 2017-2022

The Police Association Victoria (TPAV) proudly represents the interests of its 15,000-plus Police and Protective Services Officer (PSO) members. This document lays out our key priorities and outlines the critical issues facing police and the community in Victoria.

We present a series of practical and achievable reforms, for public consideration, that will make police and the community safer.

This agenda is directly informed by the experiences of our members on the frontline.

These proposals for reform are guided chiefly by our members’ feedback on the issues and impediments they see as critical to policing in this state.

We have addressed our members’ concerns under three major themes in this document – community safety, member safety and the improved allocation of policing resources.

Our members are the guardians of law and order in Victoria. They are dedicated, passionate and highly experienced professionals who put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. Their work has never been as important as it is today.

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The Police Association's Key Priorities 2017-2022

Community Safety
1.1 Service Delivery & Police Numbers
1.2 Allocation of New Police
1.3 Road Policing
1.4 Enabling our Police to Better Deal with 21st Century Crimes
1.5 Terrorism
1.6 Youth Justice
1.7 Supporting our Health Professionals 
1.8 Prisoners in Police Custody
1.9 Police Prosecutors and the Justice System
1.10 Community Policing / Crime Prevention
1.11 Bail Reforms

Police Safety
2.1 Superior Service Delivery Through Minimum Police Staffing
2.2 Upholding the Profession
2.3 Investing in Police and Developing Skills
2.4 Mental Wellbeing and Police Trauma
2.5 Retaining our Protective Services Officers (PSOs)

Resourcing the profession to keep community safe
3.1 Operation Resources
3.2 Access to Technology
3.3 Keeping our Police Accessible to the Community

Keeping Victoria safe in the future

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