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Making the frontline a priority

The Police Association has over the past two years advocated strongly for more police to ease the mounting pressure on our members and to stop the erosion of police services seen in the community that is occurring as a result. The government today announced that it wants Victoria Police to fix this and focus on the frontline by providing minimum policing services to the community.

This week’s commitment from government to deliver a net additional 2729 sworn police over the next four years will definitely ease the critical police shortages impacting members at the frontline, but only if these police are delivered to the frontline.

The government’s commitment earlier this week, to involve TPAV in the `Staff Allocation Model’ will asssit in this regard but today, it made further announcements, demonstrating that it is listening to us and what our member are saying.

Police Frontline Services

  • The government, as part of a `Statement on Community Safety’, now requires Victoria Police to;
  • ensure 24 hour Police Stations actually operate for 24 hours every day
  • ensure police counters operate 24 hours a day at 24 hour police stations deliver increased frontline shifts in the community. This commitment will be monitored and measured yearly.

New Police Powers

Give police new powers to collect the DNA of criminals suspected of committing indictable offences (without a court order), and introduce new laws to crackdown on organised crime and drive by shootings.

Ease the Pressure on Divisional Vans

Deliver a dedicated 24 hour - Police Assistance Line (non-emergency) that should ease the pressure experienced by station response units and provide a more streamlined service to the community.

100 Additional PSOs

Provide one hundred net additional PSOs to bolster the ranks of our current PSO members over the next 4 years recognising the need to grow and support their important role protecting the state’s transport system.

New Technology for the Highway Patrol

Roll-out Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology to 220 Highway Patrol vehicles (from six) and increase the capacity for roadside drug testing.

Provide our Air Wing with a Fixed Wing Capability

Provide three replacement police helicopters and a `fixed wing’ aircraft – A fixed wing capability for the Air Wing was a key recommendation of TPAV’s Pursuit Policy Review that nearly 3000 of our members participated in.

Building New Training Facilities

Build a new training facility for Victoria Police’s Special Operations Group, Bomb Squad, and Critical Incident Response Team.

We welcome today’s important announcements by the state government and we again thank our members for their continued membership and support that makes it possible to do our job of advocating on your behalf.

Ron Iddles OAM, APM

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