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Members recalled over Christmas Period to receive full entitlements

Most members will be well aware of counter-terrorism related arrests in Victoria over the past 48 hours. In light of the evolving security situation, Victoria Police has advised the Police Association that it intends to recall a substantial number of our members.

Members are required to work reasonable overtime and can be recalled by the employer. (An exception to this would be carer responsibilities that cannot be reasonably mitigated or members who have no physical means to attend work) Given the current security environment, the need to rely on recall over this Christmas period is understandable and permissible.

The Association has received assurances from Victoria Police that all entitlements under the current enterprise agreement will be afforded to our members in these situations.

Recall from rest day Sat 24th December

Members are reminded, that if they are recalled from a rest day today (Sat 24th Dec) they are automatically entitled to double-time for all hours worked as it is the last rest day of the pay period.

Recall from rest day Sun 25th December

Members are reminded that if they are recalled from a rest day to attend work on Sunday 25th Dec it is permissible for the employer to re-allocate this rest day within the same pay period. If it is not re-allocated in the same fortnight this shift will be paid as double-time.

Recall from Recreational Leave

Members recalled from recreational leave are reminded that they should receive payment from the time that they leave home (or where ever they are) to attend work. They are also entitled to be paid for mileage and any incidental expenses to attend work and return to the place they were recalled from.

Members recalled on recreational leave should be paid ordinary rates and have their recreational leave re-credited if they work 8 hours. The minimum period for recall on recreational leave is 4 hours. Any hours less than 8 should be paid at double-time.

Meal Claims

Members recalled under any circumstances are also entitled to be paid a meal claim every six hours.

Commuted Overtime

Members that receive commuted overtime or the one person station allowance are not entitled to payment of recall.

Members should always record the time that they are recalled and their actual hours in the event that any dispute arises in the future. Members should make records of their mileage required to attend work if on recreational leave.

We want to thank members for their flexibility and support in these difficult circumstances.

Ron Iddles OAM, APM

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